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Why’d it have to take so long to find you
Now that there’r so many scars around my heart?
And how is it our paths were always crossing
But we missed like two ships passing in the dark?

What makes us think we’re not like other people?
And how long can we make that fire glow?
Maybe I just ask too many questions
We’re prob’ly better off if we don’t know
So I’ll say...

Yes, yes, oh, Janice
Nothing’s better than the best
Forget all of the second-guessing
Yes, yes, oh, Janice
When you finally get it right
Don’t question and don’t fight it
Just say yes

The pieces seem to fit without much trying
Is it no good if we don’t need to work so hard?
Is there something wrong with us and what we’re doing?
And tomorrow will the whole thing fall apart?

Could it be we’re meant to be together?
Or is it just that now we’re older and more wise?
There I go again I’m asking all these questions
I’ll stop talking now and look into your eyes
And just say, yes


I'll just say yes

© 2009 Jonathan Stars
All rights reserved

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