Mama Said
The novel by Jonathan Stars

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Momma tried to teach me right
She said, “Lookin’ at girls that way ain’t polite
I always tried to do what she said
So when I start to think that way, I just turn my head

But look at that girl over there
She’s dancin’ with a smile that says, “Git on over here.”
Now come on boys, uh is it jus’ me?
She wants me to look, hey, she wants me to see

My mama said, "Now, don't you look"
My mama said, "Now, don't you look"
Mama said, "Now, don't you look" But I just had to

Back when I took Biology
The best looking girl in school sat right in front of me
I smelled her perfume, felt her heat
Nothin' poor Mr. Norton said could ever compete

One day she wore a peek-a-boo top
I tried not to look but I just couldn't stop
Mr. Norton told me, "Go to the board"
I couldn't stand, I took an F that I just couldn't afford



Something that I don’t understand
It’s almost like my eyes belong to some other man
They seem to have a mind of their own
They look where they want, they won’t leave me alone

Now I got a girl of my own
But when we go out, my eyes still roam
She says, “Do you see something you like?”
No matter what I say, I know there’s gonna be a fight


Oh, man, look at that girl over there
I had to

© 2010 Jonathan Stars
All rights reserved

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