Beautiful One
The novel by Jonathan Stars

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Just like in the movies
Well I held your hand in mine
We took a walk down a country lane
And all the words just seemed to rhyme
I waltzed you thru the garden gate
You asked me if I'd stay
I kissed you softly on the cheek
Cause you knew what I'd say

You're my beautiful one, my beautiful one,
My beautiful wuh-hu-hun
You're the sun my beautiful one
My beautiful one (Repeat)

I felt so warm when I saw you smile
That I fell right thru the floor
We talked so late that the sun came up
And then we laughed and talked some more
We held each other oh so tight
As the shadows disappeared
We made sweet love in the morning light
And then I whispered in your ear


I brought you sixteen roses
You put them by the bed
You kissed me for the note I left
Cause this is what it said


© 1977 Jonathan Stars
All rights reserved

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